NIUERA is a subsidiary of Suzhou Lumlux in the new energy industry, which was established in 2016. Our headquarter is located in Xiangcheng High-Tech Zone, Suzhou, with a standard factory of more than 20,000 ㎡, absorbing more than 500 various professional employees.

Our mission is to "create a new low-carbon life with technology", focusing on the innovation and application of power and electronic technology in the field of new energy. Based on the robust production and R&D testing capabilities of Lumlux, NIUERA has successfully developed a series of new energy core products with independent intellectual property rights, which are widely used in the fields of electric vehicle charging and 5G base stations.

NIUERA continues to innovate and consolidate its core technologies to actively respond to the "carbon peak, carbon neutral" policy,has become an innovative high-tech enterprise with hard core and independent brand in the field of new energy vehicle charging equipment, communication/base station power system and integrated solution of photovoltaic storage and charging.

In the future, we will be committed to providing one-stop solutions for our customers, so that new energy technologies can enter your life more efficiently, conveniently and economically. In this process, we will work together with partners from all walks of life to promote the development and application of new energy technologies and create a better tomorrow with technology.

  • Corporate Mission

    Create a low-carbon new life with science and technology!

  • Corporate Vision

    we will be committed to providing one-stop solutions for our customers, so that new energy technologies can enter your life more efficiently, conveniently and economically. 

  • Corporate Values

    Integrity, progress, integration and creation

Application Area
  • New Energy Vehicles
  • 5G Base Station & MR Power System
  • Household Energy Storage System

AC EV Chargers

AC EV Charging pile is a device used to charge electric vehicles. It usually uses an AC power source and has a slower charging speed, which takes 4-8 hours to fully charge.

Mainly used in residential areas and communities, commercial real estate, public parking lots, logistics distribution centers, government agencies, etc.

Compared to fast charging in cars, it has advantages such as low cost, longer battery life, safer, more flexible, and more grid friendly.


DC Fast EV Charging Station

The application fields of fast charging for new energy vehicles are very extensive, which can be applied to fields such as highways, urban charging stations, specific industry vehicles, charging network construction, and charging for enterprises and institutions.

With the popularization of electric vehicles and the improvement of charging facilities, fast charging will become an important way of charging electric vehicles.

On average, cars can be fully charged in about an hour, and due to its advantages such as fast charging speed, wide distribution of charging stations, saving time and cost, and good user experience, it is increasingly used in various occasions.


Portable EV Charger Equipment

1. Long distance travel - Portable charging devices for cars can assist in charging for long-distance travel.

2. Emergency - If your car experiences an emergency situation of low battery power or battery failure, the car's portable charging device can help you restore power without a charging station, allowing you to safely return home or reach your destination.

3. Outdoor activities - This device allows you to use your car appliances and equipment in areas without a power grid.


Machine Room Power System

The communication rectification integrated system is a compact power supply system that includes one monitoring power supply and four communication rectification modules.

It can accommodate up to 5 communication rectifier modules, using resonant topology and high switching frequency switching mode technology to minimize volume and weight achieves high reliability.

By using a soft start power supply to absorb sinusoidal current, it is suitable for applications with scalable, easy to maintain, and reliable power supply, with a small space occupation.

Suitable for high reliability, long life, and fault free DC power systems. A true plug and play system reduces installation time and helps reduce costs.


5G Base Station

XNY-C01 is a customized power supply product for distributed power systems that works in conjunction with customized lithium battery modules. It is an efficient, small, lightweight, easy to install, parameter free, and maintenance free outdoor/indoor wall mounted electrolysis solution designed for wireless micro base stations.

Equipped with lithium battery charging and discharging function, as well as remote control and local manual control modes, output all port status information and alarm signals. Equipped with input Brown in/out function, high and low voltage protection function, output short circuit, OCP, temperature and other protection functions, with a maximum output of 800W/each circuit and a maximum discharge function of 20A lithium battery module, providing backup power for communication equipment.


Household Energy Storage System

With the development of renewable energy, household energy storage systems have become a popular technology that can collect and use these energy sources when needed.

These systems typically consist of batteries, controllers, and inverters, which can store the electricity generated by solar panels or wind turbines and then convert it into household electricity supply when needed.

In addition, with the popularization of electric vehicles, more and more households need to charge electric vehicles, and energy storage systems can provide convenience and economic benefits for this.

Our Advantages
  • Intellectual Property Right

    Owning several intellectual property rights, and applying for more than 10 intellectual property rights

  • Technology R&D

    Have first-class R&D and testing equipment

  • Reassuring Service

    Perfect product tracking system and after-sales service system

  • Product Quality

    Integrate rigorous attitude into every manufacturing and testing link to ensure product quality

  • Office Environment And Team

    Our office environment is a demonstration project of national key research and development projects, and our team is professional and passionate.